Oscar Peterson - Motions & Emotions


Oscar Peterson - Motions & Emotions

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- Oscar Peterson - Motions & Emotions

The well known German trumpet player Till Brönner talks about his favorite Jazz record: "I have always been a great fan of the piano and Oscar Peterson was the pianist I listened to in order to teach myself how to play it. I sat in front of the instrument with a tape recorder and rewound the tape until I was close to knowing or even mastering a phrase. The latter was only possible with the very easy ones, of course. As I was also a big fan of Jobim at that time, I eventually came across "Wave", which is quite a signature song on the album Motions & Emotions. I was impressed, how one can be so subtle on the one hand and so virtuoso on the other. The ending of this track is actually the most intriguing thing about this recording, because there Peterson really demonstrates over one single vamp why no one else is fit to hold a candle to him. This also goes to show that everything is ultimately a vehicle for your own goals and for what you yourself want to say.
I became aware of Claus Ogerman, the arranger and conductor of this production, through this album for the first time. He seems to have been the painter of this album, and it speaks for his perfectionistic approach, that he was hired for those wonderful easy-listening passages, which at the same time have so much virtuosity in them – in order to do justice to Peterson and vice versa. Ogerman apparently felt the need to achieve the maximum effect with the simplest means. You can only do that if you know what to leave out. Someone must have sensed that Ogerman would be the right person to give Oscar Peterson the musical space he needs – a great symbiosis. The fact that this was to be carried into the world from Germany is still a wonderful occurrence and testifies to the longevity of an idea and also of a visionary, Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer. MPS still today has an immediate emotional effect on me. This is always the goal from a business as well as an artistic standpoint.
The question “What are your favorite albums?” is usually not easy to answer, except in my case, because Motions & Emotions by Oscar Peterson is indeed my absolute favorite album. There is no situation in which I do not want to hear this album and that is a great compliment. I would take it to any lonely island with me, because it embodies everything that fascinates me about music and above all about jazz: virtuosity and honesty, taste, feelings and huge inner conflicts. In my opinion Motions & Emotions might well be the perfect instrumental album."