Night Will Fall


Night Will Fall

Pirouet Records
NRW Vertireb / Naxos

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- Night Will Fall

Sensitivity vibrating on thick strings 

Much sought-after as a playing partner, bassist Robert Landfermann takes over the role as leader on his quintet CD Night Will Fall. Five masters of co-operation practice the art of empathy; saxophonists Christian Weidner and Sebastian Gille, pianist Elias Stemeseder, drummer Jim Black, and the subtle-toned bassist and occasional bass viol player form an alluring ensemble.

Bassist Robert Landfermann is a musician who leaves a deep imprint wherever he lands. He has played with some of the most exciting top-level groups in jazz, including Pablo Held's internationally renowned trio, (newest release on Pirouet, Recondita Armonia, August 28th, 2015). As early as 2009 the German radio and TV World Service found that, "with his amazingly flexible, self-assured, dynamic style of bass playing, Robert Landfermann is the man of the hour." He has received ample critical praise, and works with some of the best bands in the music, so it was definitely time for Robert Landfermann to record the Night Will Fall with his outstanding quintet. Often the cement that secures the foundation in other bands, Landfermann has also been a bandleader for some time, and has released some eight albums under his own name on the JazzHausMusik, PAO, Clean Feed, and Klaeng Records labels. This last is the label of the Klaeng Jazzkollektiv in Cologne a musician-run initiative of which Robert is a co-founder. On Landfermann's first appearance on Pirouet —and first time in this quintet formation—he displays his impressive qualities as player-composer.

Looking back at the long list of recordings he has contributed to, it's amazing to realize that Robert Landfermann was born in 1982, and thus looks back at a relatively short career. He has played in dozens of groups, often with very different musical viewpoints, from Matthias Schriefl's Shreefpunk to Christian Lillinger's Grund und trumpeter Frederik Köster's quartet, on through to harpist Kathrin Pechlof's trio und the trio-formation Grünen with drummer Christian Lillinger and pianist Achim Kaufmann. Landfermann has also played with such jazz luminaries as Joachim Kühn, Tomasz Stanko, Django Bates, John Taylor, Lee Konitz, and John Scofield. He has won an assortment of awards, among them the WDR Jazz Award, the New German Jazz Award, and the SWR Jazz Award. At the same time that he was celebrating his successes he completed his contrabass studies, taking his concert exam in Cologne under the direction of bass professor Dieter Manderscheid. Robert had already been taking classical guitar lessons at the age of seven, and played e-bass up until 1998. With all his experience, his desire to take on new challenges, his subtle touch and intense feel, he is a player who has all of his senses primed for interaction.