Every Hour Of The Light And Dark


Every Hour Of The Light And Dark

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- Every Hour Of The Light And Dark

Alto Saxophonist Christian Weidner's longstanding partnership with pianist Achim Kaufmann, bassist Henning Sieverts and drummer Samuel Rohrer forges the intuitive magic that makes for inspired music as the group explores the varying shades of Every Hour of the Light and Dark. Four exceptional musicians gaze inwards, sensitive, self-critical, with a simplicity and depth of feeling as they uncover the miracle of the moment. Kaufmann has been lauded as "one of a handful of exceptional jazz pianists who has injected a new pulse into West European improvised music." Sieverts ranks as one of the premier bassist/composers on the European scene, while Munich's prestigious Süddeutsche newspaper singled out Rohrer as "...perhaps the most melodic among European drummers...lyrical and to-the-point." As for Weidner, in All About Jazz, Dan McClenaghan extolled Christian's "highly developed and finely focused artistic vision" and identified him as "an owner of a rare original voice". Every Hour of the Light and Dark: a line from Walt Whitman's Poem of Perfect Miracles relays a message of consolation and resolution that rings out and into the musical world.