Charm Offensive


Charm Offensive

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- Charm Offensive

Drummer Jochen Rueckert is one of a group of exceptional German jazz musicians who migrated to New York City in the 90's and found a home in this jazz musicians' mecca. His participation in such leading groups as the Marc Copland Trio, Nils Wogram's Root 70, the Kurt Rosenwinkel Group, and the Mark Turner Band has catapulted Rueckert into the front row of the Big Apple's premiere musicians. On Charm Offensive, Rueckert's second Pirouet CD, some of the most inventive and successful players on the NY scene join up as Jochen, tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, guitarist Mike Moreno, and bassist Orlando le Fleming conduct a captivating musical foray into transformed musical territory. 

For all his success as a sideman, Jochen Rueckert has also won acclaim for his own groups and compositions. Jazz Times wrote of his debut Pirouet CD Somewhere Meeting Nobody, “Rueckert’s first as a leader for Pirouet after many sideman appearances for the label ranks as one of 2011’s best releases yet”, and Jazz Thing lauded, “pure poetry drips from every note…” NPR tagged tenor saxophonist Mark Turner as “…probably the most influential tenor man of his generation.”

There’s an autobiographical feel to Jochen Reuckert’s music, a mixture of playfulness and profundity, a dry humor coupled with a depth that emanates from musicians playing off the same intellectual and emotional guidelines; Charm Offensive—an alluring musical assault that stirs up the listeners’ sensibilities.